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Yo wasup

2008-07-02 15:26:00 by ryuk-teh-death-god

Hey guys wats up i am now the owner of this account if you thought i was talking to you i wasnt that was my brother anyways sue him not me i do not know how to delete videos
if you know me on dA then i dont hhave to tell you but just incase i am Zahl nikolai murphy if i talked to you it was my brother jack.So dont msg me about how i stole stuff becuase i didnt blame jack not me i will post the oroginal creators soon.


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2008-07-02 19:29:13

Hi there. If you've fixed this user's problems as you say, it may be best to simply have the account itself removed in case the actual authors wanted to submit their works here to avoid confusion. You can use the Help/FAQ link at the top of the page; pick Administrators out of the list of links, then WadeFulp, and send him a PM requesting the account's deletion. It's unfortunate that the previous owner stole quite a few videos here, but I thank you for getting things back in line.

ryuk-teh-death-god responds:

No problem i didnt even know abut this til cacti told me.


2008-07-08 02:27:15

oooohhhh sorry about the reveiws then tell jack that their are a lot of people including me that are pissed at him